Nashua - Merrimack - Bedford 13761

The F.E. Everett Turnpike (F.E.E.T.) was constructed in the early 1950s and has served as a link from Central New Hampshire to US Route 3 in Massachusetts.  Today it remains a vital north/south transportation corridor linking residents, communities, commerce and year-round tourists throughout NH and travel between NH and Massachusetts.  The project proposes to widen portions of the roadway and either replace or rehabilitate bridges along a 12 mile corridor beginning in the City of Nashua and extending north through the Town of Merrimack and to the Town of Bedford. 

This project is currently in the Final Design phase, based upon the NHDOT Project Development Process. Preliminary Design concluded with the Public Hearing held in October of 2018.  Construction will begin in Summer 2022.  The construction will span multiple construction seasons and will be completed in multiple construction projects.

Map of the Project Corridor

Construction Schedule/Project Breakouts

Public Hearing Plans

Construction Updates


Major Construction Project Elements:

  • Widen three segments of the F.E.E.T. from Nashua north to Bedford to address traffic capacity
  • Replace the F.E.E.T. Bridges over the Pennichuck Brook (Nashua/Merrimack)
  • Rehabilitate the bridge rail on the F.E.E.T. Bridge over Greeley Street / Continental Boulevard (Merrimack)
  • Replace the Wire Road Bridge over the F.E.E.T. (Merrimack)
  • Replace the Baboosic Lake Road Bridge over the F.E.E.T. (Merrimack)
  • Replace the F.E.E.T. Bridge over Baboosic Brook (Merrimack)
  • Stormwater treatment improvements throughout the project area
  • Noise Assessments and Construction of Noise Barriers

Benefits of the Project:

  • Improved traffic capacity and traffic conditions
  • Improved safety
  • Bridges will be rehabilitated or replaced